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Transducer STW7

M7_red_blue_line Transducer produced by in-house production according the specification of original M7; by request skinned with PVC film (blue line) or PET film (red line).

Holder STS 7

holder_STS7 holder_STS7 The ring holder STS7 is used for assembly of our transducer STW7 or the original M7 transducer. The integrated rubber bump absorbs impact sound. The holder can be mounted at the end of rubber bump (M3 screw). Produced by in-house production. STS7 is available in 3 different heights:

STS7a: 58 mm
STS7b: 55 mm
STS7c: 52 mm
55 EUR

Vulcanized rubber bumps can cause tolerances in height. Screws and grommets are icluded in delivery. STW7 is not included.

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