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Our transducer STW7.1 is similar to STW7 concerning his electroacoustical properties. In difference to STW7 there are additional 2 threaded holes M2 and 4 threaded holes M1.7 to increase the possibilities of assembly in a microphone capsule (mic head)

Two threaded holes M1.7 can be used to attach STW7.1 directly to our segment holder STS7.1.

Two threaded holes M2 can be used to assemble STW7.1 to Microtech Gefells's UM70/M71/UM57 and similar kinds of microphones. In this case we advise using blank connecting wires instead of the isolated ones we use standard. Please contact us by email if you like to get your STW7.1 with blank connecting wires.

STW7.1 red line: 260 EUR, STW7.1 blue line: 290 EUR.

You can order STW7.1 by email or contact form.

Price apiece + 19 % VAT for EU customers! All prices + postage.